Cola Fria has been tried and proven over and over by many PDR technicians. While it's not an end all be all it certainly speeds up the process on big dents. It moves the metal perfectly as to not create any high spots and therefore more work.

We have three types of cold glues to choose from. The original, 2.0 and the new Mellow Yellow. The original needs to be stretched and warmed for the best pulls. The 2.0 does not need to be stretched and same with the mellow yellow. The main difference in the 2.0 and the mellow yellow is the mellow yellow does not leave a messy residue on your hands or the vehicle but has a great adhesion. We have steel tabs and plastic tabs for cold glue that come in a set of 12 with a variety of sizes. If you don't have a slide hammer or want a separate slide hammer for cold glue we sell those as well.

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Any cold glue can orders ship the next day of placed before 4pm. eastern standard time. Slide hammer kits may take a few days to process but we'll get it out to you asap and priority.

General Questions? Please use the messenger within the site.

I haven't received my order yet?
Please email us direct at colafriapdr@gmail.com. Provide us with the order number. We will look into the order and get back to you ASAP. Note: Overseas orders can take weeks to receive due to customs. 
Payment and Shipping


We accept all major credit cards and paypal.

Returns & Refunds
Cold Glue is non returnable and non refundable. However, Damaged and or broken items will be replaced within 30 days of the order date.  
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